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  1. Marie-Lee says:

    Hi undercover tester,

    I just wanted to tell you that your blog is awsome. Also, I understand that you might not have the time anymore for it, but it’s a bit sad that you couldn’t release more articles, they are very usefull.

    Anyway, I hope you’re happy at your ”new” job and just wanted to thank you again for your information, it helps me a lot in my research in the domain.

    Sorry for my poor english, my native language is french.

  2. Anthony says:


    I am looking to create a website of my own about this niche and im trying to gather so more information about the niche. What advice would you give for someone that is looking to create content about this niche?



    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Anthony,

      Sorry for the delay, I missed your comment.
      I cannot give you any advice about creating a niche site because my approach was just to talk about something I know.

      I know creating niche sites to monetize them is a thing. But you will notice my website is not monetized.
      I just wrote about something I know and put it out there.

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