Why you should NEVER pay to get a video game tester job


The reason that motivated me to create this website is that all the other sites on the topic of video game testing as a job are trying to rip off kids. Basically if you google “Video game tester job” you will find either those scam websites or one shot articles on the topic. So is there really no reliable source out there?

I’ll admit some of the articles from well known sites like IGN or G4TV are actually OK. But do NOT trust the websites trying to sell you anything that would help you get a video game testing jobs.

Here are the reasons:Well known scam

  • Absolutely no existing eBook will teach you to be a video game tester. The difference between an eBook and a paper book is publishing: anybody can self publish an eBook, but paper books require traditional publishers. 
    The day an actual paper book on game testing is released by a known publisher, and gets a few reviews on Amazon, only then should you start thinking about paying for a book on the topic. EDIT: I just noticed there is such book on Amazon. I haven’t read it myself but it has good reviews and the table of contents looks quite impressive: 
    Game Development Essentials: Game QA & Testing
    Any feedback would be welcome.
  • Video game testing is not a dream job and it’s often not well paid. I’m being a bit brutal right now but I explain that more in details in the other articles (Salary, Working conditions). 
    What I’m trying to say here is: who pays to get training on a job that is not *that* well paid? Only people who know little about the job and are likely to get scammed. 
    If a relevant basic training/tutorial existed, it should be free just like it is when you want to learn coding in C# or using Photoshop for example. 
    And if a more advanced training existed, it should be easy to verify that it’s good quality material (like an actual paper book). THEN maybe you could consider paying for it.
  • A lot of kids play video games, and some of them have no clue what they will do as a living when they grow older. They are naive and have no experience. Kids are an easy target for scammers.
  • To learn anything you need to practice. Of course there is a theoric part for any competence, but testing is something that you cannot practice very easily.
    Some crafts are easier to practice than others. Programmers can come up with their own little game to show off. For testers it’s harder… 
    Even if you can acquire a solid theoric basis by reading a serious book on Game Testing, it will not make you a good Game Tester It’s like saying you can learn a sport just by reading a book. 
    However it can still be helpful because you would learn all the technical terms, all the processes and other things related to the craft.
    And that can make you more confident when meeting prospective employer.

The bottom line is:

  • Paying to get an actual job, or to get access to job offers: NO WAY.
  • Paying for books/courses/training material: Only if you understand exactly the actual value of what you’re buying. And when it comes to Video Game Testing websites, this value is often close to zero.

The worst of it is that those scammers really put effort into their trick. They will have videos on Youtube with people explaining how they got a job from those sites. Or they will have a sexy girl explaining you how easy it is to get a video game testing job, you only have to pay $49.99 to get their guide… They have such a presence online that I’m sure they’re making a decent amount of money by ripping off kids

Be careful before buying anything, use your judgement.


11 Responses to Why you should NEVER pay to get a video game tester job

    • Undercover Tester says:

      I won’t let it show in the comment section unless I know it’s legit.
      I obviously cannot go ahead and check every new website about game testing as most of them are shady at best.

      You are free to check it out and tell us though. Use your judgement.

  1. Dahlin says:

    So i cant see anywere HOW i actually can become a game tester ? can you explain that to me 🙂 ? would be great.

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Dahlin,

      Sorry but I can’t answer general questions like that. It would take too much time.
      I suggest your read the whole site and ask precise questions.

  2. FearInduced says:

    This website right here, [LINK CENSORED]seem legit. I, on the other hand, absolutely 100% do not think I will pay to get into game testing. Does anyone know whether this website is fake or not? They say for entry it’s $1 buck to get in for the first month and in the coming months, it’ll be like $40+ bucks.

    • Undercover Tester says:

      I think you answered your own question.
      Next post with a full URL to a scam website will be fully censored.

  3. Magnum says:

    I’m trying to look into one website because I’m unsure if it’s a scam site or not. I won’t post the website as I noticed you have said in replies that you don’t want websites posted in them. I the website asks you to pass something and, if they approve of you to join their sight as a member, they ask to pay about $44.99 I think it was to be a member. Just a one time payment. I am thinking it may be a scam, that’s why I stopped there and decided to do my research on it.

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Magnum,

      Thank you for not posting the URL.
      I think the site you’re talking about is likely to be a scam, or to give you very little value compared to the price you pay.
      You don’t need to pay anybody to apply to game testing jobs. They are out there on indeed.com, Linkedin, etc.
      And often they are on the career section of the website of the companies you want to join.

      If you really want to spend money, I suggest you go on amazon, search “video game testing” and buy the book that looks the most legit.
      And always read the bad reviews on Amazon, because even of they tend to be quite subjective, they are the most likely to be honest.

  4. Saman says:

    Im a 18 yro from iran i spend a lot of time playin video games on my pc i was thinking if i could make some money outa this the problem is i dont even know if its possible in iran.u r a tester right? How do u test games u go to gaming studious or u test them at home.if at home how do u get the games.they post it for u or u download them.pleasssssssse answer me.btw thanks for the article it realy openned my eyes

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Saman,

      If you’re doing game testing as an actual job. You need to be physically in the office of the company.
      Maybe there are exceptions… But I’ve never met a single game tester who work from home.

  5. Saman says:

    Read the articles sorry for spams.but still i donno if i can find a job in iran 🙁

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