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A typical day as a game tester

So what is it like to be a game tester on a daily basis? Is it just another corporate job or is it the glamorous job some like to pretend?

First things first: No, you don’t work from home. Video game testing almost always is a regular job that requires to actually get out of your home… How cruel is that?

Read on to know about the typical day in the life of a professional game tester.

A word on AGILE


AGILE is a set of software development methods created a by a group of people tired of the lack of flexibility in their discipline. Depending how it’s done, AGILE can be very helpful, or it can be a pain in the neck.

The Salary of a Video Game Tester

When it comes to salary questions in the Video Game Industry you must be very careful to trust only reliable sources because some websites out there will pretend testers make a lot of money just to sell you expensive/useless training.

What is exactly a video game tester?


First things first: People use the term Video Game Tester for many situations, and not always the ones you really are interested about. Let’s clarify.