Skills required to be a game tester

Before you start looking for a Video Game Tester job, it’s important you know what employers will expect from you. In this article I present a list of the most commonly required skills and education for the job. If you think you don’t master all these skills yet, don’t panic and keep reading! 

Only an ideal candidate will master all these skills, and such candidate does not exist. The list is presented here to help you assess yourself and sell yourself on your resume and at a job interview.

Core skills

  • Detail oriented and observation: Forget about testing if you can’t catch bugs. Those skills are likely to be tested at the job interview.
  • Investigation and troubleshooting skills: It’s one thing to stumble on a bug. It’s another to be able to find the steps that will reproduce the defect.
  • Tolerance to repetitive and tedious tasks
  • Analytic thinking: If you trying to get a job in a company that doesn’t consider testers as clicking monkeys, they will likely require you to be able of analytic thinking. What does that mean? If they give you a specification document mentioning that the game should accomplish X and Y, you should be able to write test scenarios covering different aspects of X and Y. This skill is quite common requirement in the world of software testing.

Additional skills

The following skills are required in general for any IT job, including game testing:


  • Team player: You’re not playing video games alone in your bedroom. You’re working with a team of professionals for a company trying to make money. If you’ve already had any job involving teamwork then you know how people with big egos can get in the way of the teams goal. Don’t be one of these people because you won’t last long. You also need to understand that testers are providing a service to other departments in the company. In a way, those departments can be considered as your clients. Make your clients happy and they’ll love you. Mess with them and you’ll walk out faster than you got in.
  • Good oral and written communication: You will need to write flawless bug reports and be able to explain in an effective way what went wrong. In companies having a more formal process, you may need to write test cases and to document your test strategy.
  • Ability to maintain good working relationships with others: This is something you need for every job. It basically means: ability to collaborate with the people you like as well as with those you do NOT like.
  • Work ethics: crucial for a tester. It’s so easy to ignore a bug and hope nobody will find out. Employers need to trust you.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure: Things can get hectic as the release date is getting closer. Your employer needs people who can still perform under such conditions.

Specific and/or technical skills

If you’re testing PC games, the employer may require that you’re able to build a PC and troubleshoot hardware issues. If you’re doing localization testing you obviously need to master a language perfectly. Compliance testers are expected to know the certification process of various constructors. You get the idea.


Some companies will require experience.
I have noticed that in areas hosting a lot of game companies, experience is required more often. It’s probably because the pool of candidates in those regions contains more experienced people.

I can understand how inexperienced people can find unfair that companies require experience when it comes to game testing. After all it’s just playing a game all day long… NOT. If you still think that, you seriously need to read this article again.

As a tester evolves in the industry, he learns the game development cycle, the tools, and he develops a sense for uncovering defects. He learns to recognize the patterns. This is why some employers require experience.

That said, game testing is still an occupation very accessible to inexperienced workers.

Those skills will be tested at the interview.


The Last Of Us teamplay

Employers will pretend to require that you’re passionate about video games. Why did I use the word “pretend”? Because not all of them really care about that. What they all care about though is that you’re able to sit in front of a video game and interact with it all day long. And they assume that this will be easier for people passionate about video games. They may also want make sure that you are familiar with their games genre. And even if the employer does not really care, sometimes the QA manager will be more comfortable to hire someone with the same interest.

So in the end even if they don’t really care, it does matter that you know your stuff about video games.


Usually no specific degree is required by gaming companies. However the skills are very often tested at the interview.

For the kids: don’t take that as an excuse to drop off school. Chances are that you won’t want to be a game tester for ever. 
You’ll want options.


118 Responses to Skills required to be a game tester

  1. Sandesh says:

    Hi I have friend who is lover of games he has played lot of games and have an huge collection of it he wants to become a game tester but he don’t have any degree or work experience in game testing. Please guide how he can become a game tester.

  2. sebastian says:

    Hi. My name is sebastian and i love games….like a alot.So i wanted to know what are the lowest age count to be a game tester.

    I would like to get answers from a real gametester.THANK YOU.

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Sebastian,

      Video Game Tester is a job just like any other one, the minimum age requirement would be the same as the rule that applies for any other job in your country or state.

      Usually it’s 18.

  3. Anand Joshi says:

    I want to be a game tester. I am in 10 std now. I use to play games like mmos, and mobile too 8 hrs in a day. and now i have full and complete knowledge of games i have seen many errors i can say that i have keen interest towars games. And wants to become an game tester , Is it possible after 10 STD.

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Anand,

      Sorry but what’s “10 std10?

      • Dev Drone says:

        By 10 std, he means that he is in class 10 . In our country, people generally describes class as standards.

        • GameGirl says:

          My dad got a job as a game tester when he was about 19 or twenty. He only got the job after working in another department since he was 16. So, you are going to want to graduate high school first.

  4. Jacob says:

    When you have to write a report on the bugs and the instuctions on how to fix them is it a hand written report or computer typed

  5. Riyas Mohammed says:

    Hi,am Riyas,am a mad of pc games,and i spent a lots of money to play pc games..recently i heard about the game tester job and i wisht to became a game tester…so what i do?????

  6. Tariq al-Adawi says:

    Dear mr. Undercovertester
    Im from middle east from Oman and here there r no companies for game tester, I been dreaming to be game tester for very long time but I dont know if I will be accepted so I dont what to do can you help me ?!!

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Tariq,

      That is a really hard question.

      I checked on Linkedin and indeed I didn’t find a Video Game company in Oman.
      Maybe it’s a good time to ask yourself: Why do you want to be a Video Game Tester?

      If you really like Video Games that much, could you not play video game in your free time and have a different job?
      If you really like the “testing” pat of being a Video Game Tester, you could still try to be a QA Tester in another industry than Video Games.

      All I’m trying to say is: you probably have options professionally, and you can still play Video Games at home.

      You could also be a Beta Tester online. It’s not paid but you do get to test video games.

  7. yogesh says:

    I am yogesh and am fresher.and I would like become a game tester.and I sheduled my interview in game compony. How I crack this interview.plzz..tell me.

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Yohesh,

      Sorry I haven’t gathered my thoughts on that topic yet.
      I plan to write an article on it.

      I hope your interview still went well.

  8. Anzif says:

    I am anzif. I have lot of experience in gaming. Especially those of ubisoft.I am now 17. what are the best chances for me. Please reply

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Anzif,

      This is a very vague question…
      I would say read the whole blog here first.It should give you a better idea on the job.

  9. Makarand Sawant says:

    Dear Mr. UnderCoverTester,
    I am in the final year of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication from India. I am a Geek when it comes to gaming. More attached with FIFA. I would love to choose Game testing as my career option.
    Will you please help me with the details of this career options and are there good jobs for game tester in India? Do i need to have any knowledge related to coding and software testing? Thank you.

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Makarand,

      I don’t know about the job market in India.

      To be a game tester you don’t really need to know how to code.
      Knowledge in Software Testing theory would for sure help.

      But why not look for work directly related to your degree? You know even Game Testing ends up feeling like actual work so maybe it would be easier for you, and more profitable, to find a job related to your degree.

  10. Kieran says:

    Hi, I am 17 autistic with dyslexia, my gift is gaming. I have completed many of the new games within a few hours and have designed many of my own maps for group play. Due to my disabilities I may not get the qualifications but I am more than capable of doing the work my written word is not great but can describe and talk threw a review. Do I have a chance of being able to get into this industry??? I spend 80% of my time gaming and making my own reviews on how they could have been better and have often found glitches.

    Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon regarding this.
    Kind regards

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Kieran,

      I’m sorry to hear about your disability.
      Your message is pretty well written, which surprises me since you say you have autism.
      But then again, I don’t know autism well…
      If you can communicate in real life as clearly as you write, I see no reason why you could not do the job.

      Actually I read an article about companies employing people with high functioning autism because they have specific skills. One of the companies is in Software Testing:

      I guess my best answer to your question would be: “You won’t know unless you try.”

      I encourage you to try.

      • Kieran says:

        Thank you for your response, lol I talk my mum types. It is true we see things others may miss as I do with even tested games currently on the market. Autism is a gift as well as a disability and I hope to use my gift in this area of work. Again I thank you for your time and shall let you know how things develope for me.

        Kind regards kieran

        • Undercover Tester says:

          Hi Kieran,

          Have you tried programming? If you haven’t I strongly suggest you do.
          You might really like it.
          Other perks of that skills are:
          -Easier to get a job
          -Better paid
          -You can do it on your own if you prefer, for example by creating indie games

          I suggest you pick a mainstream programming language:
          C++ is really tough but it teaches you best about how computers work internally
          C# or Java are easier to learn and get things done faster, but they add an abstraction layer that will hide a bit of the internal functioning of the computer.

          Just pick the one you prefer (for me it’s C#) and try playing a bit with it.
          You might discover a passion that you’re really good at.

  11. Abhishek Moahapatra says:

    I just wanted to know what kind of questions or skills would be asked in the interview?? And what about the salary …??

  12. Lefteris Lykakis says:

    Your blog is very helpful. I have an interview for a Localisation QA Tester in 3 days in UK. I have no previous experience as a game tester other than I like to play a lot of video games. This is the first interview for me for ajob like this. I wanted to ask you what should I expect to my interview, some general questions, some tests perhaps.
    Also in your salary post you mentionted salaries for US. Do you have any idea about salaries in UK?

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Lefteris,

      I interviewed a couple of time for localization positions. The focus was on a language test. You have to know flawlessly the language you will verify.
      It’s bit hard to give you question examples because my test was in french (my native languages). I’ll still try. Note that I’ve seen all these questions altogether for EACH interview. The tests were quite thorough.
      -They give you sentences with wholes and you have to fill them. For example with your/you’re, who/whom, they’re/their etc. You get the idea.
      Sometimes the whole is the verb and you need to fill with the right form.
      -They give you a text, and you need to find mistakes
      -They give you a text to translate

      I hope you were good at school, because it’s basically all these rules we learnt back there.
      The most difficult parts were the corner cases. The things that even if you were good at school, you probably never learnt well because it’s rarely used.
      I remember using the following site which contain both simple and twisted language questions:
      It’s good to cram, because you might be very comfortable in a particular language and still not realize how many little rules there are,

      My experience is that the test will matter more than any other interview questions. BE yourself, and be very good at the target language.
      About the salary, sorry I don;t know about UK but It wouldn’t surprise me if it was close to the minimum salary.
      You could look for this information on related job offers. I use a lot. Us whatever is popular in UK.
      You could also check websites dedicated to provide this kind of information like or

      Good luck!

    • Abdul says:

      Hi mr undercover tester i just want to know which is the best country for game testing

      • Undercover Tester says:

        Hi Abdul,

        I don’t know if there is a best country for the job of Game Tester.

        I guess any country with a developed Video Game industry is good.
        As long as many games get made in your country, it’s probably going to have this kind of jobs.

  13. Lefteris says:

    Thx a lot for all the advices, I took the job!

  14. qwerty says:

    hi there, what grades do you need for the job?

  15. Thomas says:

    how old do u have 2 be

  16. Dev Drone says:


    I am a software engineer. I am working on platforms like .NET , Dynamics NAV ,e-Commerce etc. I also have a good knowledge in Scrum methodology . But i love playing games a lot and that’s why i want to be a game tester. I want to make this as my profession. I have also won several gaming tournaments.

    Recently i have applied for 2-3 job, but i want to know from you that whether my present work knowledge can give me a benefit . What additional things can i do??


    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Dev Drone,

      I think you present work knowledge can help.
      Additionally you can study Software Testing in general. Maybe there are testers where you work?

      But the main obstacle for you is going to be that Game Tester will probably be seen as a step down from your current position and hiring managers might wonder about why you would want to make such move.
      I have to say I wonder too. I made the opposite move.

      Do you note like development? You could be a Game Developer first.
      From there you could befriend Game Testers and see if that’s really what you want to do.

  17. hi there..i am very much interested in this fun job….but don’t know where to start…i luv playing video games…..& am not that much financially strong that i can think to come abroad….am a Indian are not taken that much serious in india & as a career forget it..but m passionate about can u guide me what to do..

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi surya pratap singh chouhan,

      You say you are interested in this “fun” job.
      Video Game Testing is NOT fun like playing video games. NEVER expect enjoying playing video games as a video game tester. You don’t play them, you test them, it is completely different.
      There are ways the job it can be fun: working with a nice team, investigating bugs (if you like that), etc. But these are WORK related tasks, and any job will have this kind of task. You have to pick a job where you will enjoy accomplishing WORK tasks.
      I insist one last time because it is a common mistake: Do not pick Video Game Testing only because you assume it will be fun like playing video games.

      Regarding the rest of your comment:
      I unfortunately know nothing about the Indian market.
      You say Video Games are not taken seriously, but if you did work in a Video Games company you would be with like minded people, so would it be important what the general population think? Just curious.
      Another thing you say is: “as a career forget it. If you are talking about Video Game Testing, I’m going to be blunt but there’s little career progression possible for Video Game Testers, anywhere. If they want to progress, in the QA department, they can hope for Test Lead or QA Manager which can be tough to get to. Otherwise, they need to make lateral moves to other departments.
      If you were talking about Video Games in general, again I don’t know the Indian market about it.

      If you are really passionate about Video Games, but something is really blocking you from working in the industry for now, I would recommend picking another career that has some transferable skills in the gaming industry.
      Software Developer is the most obvious one.
      This way you have a job to pay the bills, you can work on indie games in your free time and you can continue applying at gaming companies.

  18. Krish says:

    I want become software tester but experience matter can,If I get job in game tester will it useful experience in,software testing.

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Krish,

      I went from game tester to software tester but it was hard to make the switch.
      I did the ISTQB certification (level foundation). It was not too hard and it helped me learn the vocabulary.
      I also read a lot about software testing and I did some volunteering by testing remotely to put something not related to games on my CV (search the web for such opportunity).

      Finally I was hired and honestly to this day I still think I was lucky to get that job.
      Then I continued learning on the job, it’s much easier to learn with experienced team mates.

      That was my experience, now my answer:
      Some game companies take testing seriously and value employees. With them you can learn a lot.
      Other companies will have you executing checklists written by others and you don’t learn much about creating test cases.
      In both cases, you still learn to write bug reports and develop your intuition and investigation skills.
      Nothing prevents you to add your own test cases on top of whatever is already there.
      So I would say it can be useful to be a game tester because you do learn some stuff about software testing, even in the worst company.

      Now the problem is: having game tester experience on your CV. I’m not sure all hiring managers will value that experience, some may even disqualify you if that’s all you have.

      So I would say try applying to both software and game testing jobs and get the best you can.
      If it happens to be a Game Testing job, keep applying to software testing jobs until you get one.

      On the side
      -Study software testing until you know the vocabulary and methodology (smoke testing VS sanity testing VS non regression testing VS UAT… , what kind of testing is worth automating, combinatorial testing.
      -Get the most popular testing certification in your region of the world as soon as you meet the requirements

      And don’t get stuck into game testing if you don’t like it. I personally found software testing much more satisfying.

      Good luck!

  19. Charanjit Singh says:

    Hello Undercover Tester , I Am A Student of & Very Much interested in Game’s. So, Am Try to Find my Bright Future But Am Unable to Find A right way plzz Can you Help Me to Tell me Did I Have to Study About Game’s Because Am A very Good Gamer . I will play All Game’s Like :- Ubi-soft,Capcom,Sony,etc

    So, plz can you Tell me All Description About this job with it’s Education , Fee , Salary , Everything Which you know About it… Thank you In Advance…

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Charanjit,

      The problem with Video Game Testing is it is usually poorly paid, and offer little career progression (read more article on my site, the have details about that).
      So if you are already engaged in a good program, I would advise to get the degree first, and then maybe try getting a video game tester job if you REALLY want to try.
      This way you can always get back to whatever job your degree allows.

      By the way you sound like you thin testing a game is fun just like playing it It’s not.
      Read my site entirely, it should help you.

  20. Mohammed Gulfraz says:

    Hi, I am a gamer and I want to get into QA/Game Testing jobs. Ive read your article and it explains so much. Thanks. I’ve done a lot of research and I know what it games testing involves. Do you think it is worth it for long term career goals. Or is there anything similar you can recommend? I have no degree or experience in programming/coding but I am willing learn the basics if it helps. I’m 25 and I want to make something of my life.


    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Mohammed,

      Game Testing jobs usually don’t offer much of a career if you want to remain a in Video Games QA.
      If it’s a good career you want, I think programming or Software Testing (not games) would be better.
      However, you got to start somewhere. Do you already have the skills to be a programmer? You say not yet. Do you have the skills to be a software tester? Maybe you do but it does take some learnt skills and employers tend to require experience.

      So if you are kind of stuck, and you can find an entry position as Video Game Tester, then why not take it, see if you like it and maybe later switch to something else.
      I started as a Video Game Tester, and I liked it for a while.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is: it sounds like you really need to work and accumulate experience, you don’t have too many options (do you?). So take whatever job is related to what you want to do, even remotely. And see if you like it, see if it can get you to another position you like better. And in your free time, learn whatever will help you get there. Before you know it, you will be proud of what you have accomplished.

  21. Chell says:

    Hi. What if someone is somewhat dyslexia? Can they still be a game tester.

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Chell,

      Yes, I think they still can. But it might be a bit harder to get in.
      I think they should be upfront at the job interview so that the employer knows the person might be great at finding any kind of glitch except text problems.

  22. satadala says:

    Dear Admin,

    I am,CSE student and I have 1 yr experience as a IT support engg. and 1.5 yr experience as manual tester in a Software company.But i want a job in gameing industries as a tester .So please suggest me what types experience required to be part of a game industries.
    Because I have applied many time in UBISOFT, gameloft ,EA and other game companies for QA post and game tester post,but till i am not getting any response from their site. So please suggest me what type of qualification and knowledge required.

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Satadala,

      Do these big companies have offices in your region?
      Did you try applying to smaller companies?

      As a manual tester honestly you don’t need more experience to be a video game tester. The only reasons I can think of that you’re not being called back are:
      1- Your cv does not stand out of the big pile. Maybe it’s just lack of luck, maybe your CV needs a better representation.
      2- Managers think yo are over qualified to be a Video Game Tester. And honestly I think you are.

      Why do you want to be a game tester? Software testing has a better career outlook and you are already in that career.
      Is it just that you want to be in the gaming industry regardless o the position? If that’s the reason I would urge you to reconsider.
      What position do you really want to do in the end?

  23. Corey says:

    Hi. I was wondering. I just got my high school diploma last year and I wanna become a game tester but where do I start?

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Corey,

      Firstly, I suggest you read all the articles on this website.
      Secondly, I hope you might reconsider because after high school you are still young and able to learn many skills that offer better opportunities in the job market.
      Firstly, if you still want to be a game tester, then make your resume and start applying everywhere, big or small gaming companies.

  24. Vishvanath says:

    Tomorrow is my interview for the game test engineer position. Please suggest me what kind of questions they will ask???
    Im fresher

    • Undercover Tester says:

      The classic generic stuff:
      -present yourself ad your professional experience (or maybe school courses and projects)
      -a couple of qualities
      -a couple flaws

      The stuff more specific to QA:
      -Tell me how you would test a pen? (or a vending machine, etc)
      -What sections would you include on a bug report?
      -What is non-regression testing?
      -How would you test feature X in a game?

      Role play questions:
      -What would you do if you report a bug and it comes back as “not a bug” from the developer?
      -What if two different managers ask you to complete a 4 hours task today, and you have 5 hours remaining in the day?
      -How to you handle an angry developer or manager?

      Most importantly, they might give you an actual test.
      If they do, go for the easy bugs first:
      -test the settings (sound volume, etc)
      -menu navigation
      -text spelling

      Then in-game test the basic features:
      -If there is a list o controls, test that each buttons does what it is supposed to
      -Test collisions: try to go through few walls. Don’t go trying EVERY wall. Just a couple.
      -Verify the main environment interactions is working (if it’s a FPS, shoot at an enemy and verify you can kill it)
      -Verify you can die/lose and what happens then

      Only after you’ve tested this kind of basic features in which a bug would be obviously noticeable, go for more complicated stuff (let your intuition work for that).

      Make sure to include the following sections in each bug report you write:
      -Severity: Minor, medium, major, critical
      -Reproducibility: 100%, random, intermittent, etc
      -Title: succinct, yet informative one liner about the bug
      -Steps to reproduce: sequence of numbered steps to reproduce the bug. (example: 1. Start a new game 2. Complete first level 3. Die on second level ) Make sure it is precise enough so that someone having never touched the game can reproduce the bug.
      -Bug descriptions: Detailed description of the bug. Example:
      Context: “When the playing die in the second level while the sound is off and difficulty is set to easy
      Actual behavior: The game start the level 3.
      Expected behavior: The player should lose one life and the game should start level 2 again
      -Attachments: include screenshots or anything that can help

      That’s all I can think of right now.

      Good luck.

    • salmankhan says:

      hello sir,
      my name is salmankhan,currently I’am studying computer science and engineering(third year),i want to become a game tester because playing games is my passion and i want to make my passion as my profession. salmankhan.peacemaker@gmail.commm is my mailing address,i will be waiting for your mail.
      thank you.

  25. Abhinav singh says:

    I am good but not that good in playing games so can I become a game tester

  26. Abhinav singh says:

    I am not that good at games so can I become a game tester

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Abhinav,

      You don’t have to be great at video games, but at least very familiar to them. And you have to have the other skills I mention in the article.

  27. liam says:

    I’m looking to become a game tester in the future because i have many ideas on how to improve games and am able to analyse them to see if they are realistic or meet the criteria the game should be achieving. i also am a big video game player and this would be my dream job.

  28. Lilchelsea77 says:

    Hi all, i used to be a game tester for microsoft through a company called blackapple, i started late 2015 and left early 2016 simply because i stopped enjoying it and they barely offered me work. Dont get me wrong it was fun at first and the money was decent but most places that offer game testing jobs are zero hour contract which means they just call you up whenever they need you and it usually is the day before so you dont get much notice :/ You also normally have to be 18+ to work as a game tester due to there being 18 rated games etc. If your looking to get a job as a game tester then i would advise that you be really passionate about all different types of video games and enjoy sitting down for long periods of time. i once had to play Boggle for 8 hours and that was not fun but hey ho its worth the money i guess.
    I hope this wasnt too moaney and gives you a little bit of insight of what its like. Good luck if your applying and enjoy it 🙂

  29. Harsh Trivedi says:

    Hi my name is Harsh Trivedi and i am currently studying Game Design and Development(Final Year), i play lot of games and have a good knowledge about games, market, community and many more. But i am not fully interested in developing or designing games. My goal is to be a Video Game tester and i am trying my best to learn everything that is require for testing. I need to know is it possible for me to get into video game testing. I am going to Join Ubisoft Pune as a trainee game tester for 6 months(intern) after that i am planning to get job in Ubisoft Romania as A Video Game Tester. Can i know how will the interview be and what kind of things i need to expect.

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Harsh,

      They will probably have you test an actual game and report bugs.
      Finding the bugs is just as important as reporting them properly.
      To pass this test I would recommend you list categories of bugs (sound, collision, menu, controls, etc) and look for the bugs methodically in each category. You can practice on a game before going.
      For reporting bugs: pretend you are explaining the bugs to someone who never played the game.
      You should have a description of the problem as well as steps to reproduce.

      Obviously they will also ask questions to test your soft skills. That’s another story.

      • Harsh Trivedi says:

        Thanks for this Information. I will start working on it. I have learned about some popular bug tracing software’s. Jira is the most popular bug tracking software and its used by many popular game studios. Will this software help me in my career, is it useful for me in future?

        • Undercover Tester says:

          Jira is one of the most popular, it will definitely help you, even you choose to become a software tester in the future.

    • salmankhan says:

      hello sir,
      my name is salman khan and I’am currently studying computer science and engineering (third year),i play lot of games, playing games is my passion and i want to make my passion as my profession.
      i know their is a course called game design and development but i was unable to convince my father to study that course because the fee structure costs 4-5 lakhs.
      but my relatives told me that you can do that same job by doing in computer science and engineering,but things turned totally wrong.
      i want your guidance to become a game tester is my mailing address,i will be waiting for your mail.if not i can give you my whats-app number.
      thank you.

  30. Rusty says:

    Could u give me a valid link for game tester work from home.. ? thanks b4

    you can send me e mail

  31. Nikhil says:

    Hello, i have just completed my graduation in computer engineering and passionate to do work in gaming industry.i had an interview on game tester and i have cracked the same. so shall i join it??

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Nikhil,

      If you have no other job proposal so far, I would say yes, join as a tester.
      But since you have an engineer degree, I would advise you to get a developer job as soon as possible.
      This is because it is harder to get a developer job with a tester CV than the opposite.

      Still, you can take the tester job now until you find a developer job. I would just not stay a tester more than a year if I were you to avoid being labelled as a tester for ever.

      Don’t get me wrong, some people prefer testing. But your degree allows you to try development, so take this opportunity as soon as you can.
      You can always get back to testing later.

    • salmankhan says:

      hello sir,
      I’am salman(Indian),I’am a student studying in computer science and engineering 3rd year.playing games is my very first passion and i want to make my passion as my profession,i need your guidance to become a game tester, is my mailing address, i will be waiting for your mail.
      thank you

  32. Nikhil says:

    is game developer is better profession than game tester??? (with salary issues)

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Nikhil,

      Yes, I think developer is a better profession than tester when it comes to salary.
      Now I’m sure some people prefer testing, but it is usually paid at minimum wage in the Video Game industry.
      Developers are paid better and can more easily access other industries.

  33. Nikhil says:

    thank you!! for your valuable advice.

  34. Joe Boe says:

    Hello random site guy if I can call you that, is Beta testing the same as game testing?

  35. sivarao says:

    Hello, i have completed my bachelor’s Degree and passionate to do work in gaming industry. am i eligible

  36. jordan says:

    Hey If I applied for a job what kind of test would they do like make me play a game and find a glitch in it Please really need the advice ASAP

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Jordan,

      Most probably the would make you test the kind of game they usually make or test.
      Depends on the company.

  37. Kelsey says:

    Hello Undercover Tester,

    I have been playing video games for 5-7 years, but I haven’t graduated from highschool yet. I thought that this would be a good entry-level job that I could take out of highschool. I have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. I have lots of experience with PS4 and Xbox. Do you suppose that would be enough information for me to get a job in Game Testing?

    Thank you.

    • Undercover Tester says:


      If you enjoy coding in HTML and CSS, then continue learning to code (add some Javascript based tech to the mix).
      Coding will give you better jobs than game testing.
      See game testing as plan B, or even plan Z.

      To answer your question, I guess you *could* be lucky enough to get a game testing job with that background. Just imagine how many other similar people you are competing with. Pretty much young video game players.

      Do yourself a favor and learn a valuable skill while you are still young and in school.
      By valuable, I mean something that pays decently on the job market and with decent prospects.

  38. avigail says:

    I am in Utah and I do not now how old I have to be to become a video game tester can you tell me how old I have to be?

  39. nayan says:

    Is it possible to become game tester at age of 15?
    I live in India.
    That are the softwares that would be needed?
    How is the interview to be?

  40. abhay says:

    I am a game tester at present(Mobile platform). I completed 1.5 years.i also did 1 month of pc game testing.So to further polish my skills in game industry,what kind of software education or course do I need to have.

    • salmankhan says:

      hello sir,
      I,am Salman,I,am a student,studying 3rd year in computer science and engineering.
      playing games is my passion,and i want to make my passion as my career,will you please guide me to become a game tester.,this is my mailing address,I will be waiting for your mail.
      thank you.

  41. vishnu says:


    I have experience in manual testing of software.
    Can I become a game tester with that experience?
    because I love playing games and really wanted to be a game tester.
    Also can I work from home as a game tester with attractive salary?

  42. dazzler says:

    hey buddy ,
    I just dropped out my college due to some problems and now I want be a game tester because since school days till now I spend a lot of time alone just with friend told me about gaming as a career and I just wanna to be one of them, so can I go for a degree in computer’s or should I learn some languages like C or java

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Dazzler,

      You don’t really need a degree or coding skills to be a game tester.
      You just need to start applying at all the tester jobs in your area.

      However, I would still recommend getting a degree and learning to code on the side.
      At some point you might have enough of the tester job and want to switch to something else in IT.

    • salmankhan says:

      hello bro,
      T’am salman,my story is also same ,but i have my bachelor degree,playing games is my passion,and i want to become game tester.
      i want to know that, have you got a job as a game tester, if so,can you please guide me to become a game tester, is my mailing address,i will be waiting for your mail.
      thank you.

  43. vK says:

    hey yo,brother im now studyin as 2nd yr Computer Science enginneering degree student.i wish to start and end my career as a Pro QA Game tester.I’ve cheched its pre requisites and eligibilities and all.Well my real problem is that i dont really know the right way to walk into it or how to start it.I have vast experience in gaming side as well as hardware sections.So pls help by advising me from where i should start and and who all should i make contact with to have a boost in my career

  44. vK says:

    i would also like to now about majour recuitment teams and companies pls

  45. Leah Rowley says:

    I have a twenty-year-old daughter with autism and myoclonic seizure disorder. She loves to play games and is on screen for more than 8-10 hours a day. We are looking to get her into video game testing for games that can be used with children and adults with sensory issues and those affected by flashes of light. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get started?

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Leah,

      All I can say on the topic is I remember reading about companies who employ autistic people.
      It seems they tolerate repetitive task better, and testing Games/software can be quite repetitive.

      However, I have no idea where on the autism spectrum these employees need to be.

      Good luck, and all the best.

  46. Remington C. says:

    Hi Undercovertester,

    So how are you doing today and I am 17 right now and i am really great at finding glitches and other problems like for anexample minecraft had a glitch on the ps3 when you jumped in a certain way you will be glitch into the ground but you could get back up but it acted like x-ray almost. So do you know anyone who will take someone with a great skill at noticing problems and lags and other things.

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Remington,

      Personally, I don’t work as a game tester anymore so my network is limited.
      I would advise you to look for gaming companies in your area.
      Use Linkedin to locate them.

      So contact them directly to inquire about openings.

  47. Subaru says:

    hi, i have already joined a gaming company as a tester. I know only the basic testing. can u guide me to advance or improve myself to the next level. thank u

  48. Jovani says:

    hi can you be in 5th grade and be a tester because i have a lot of expierence

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Jovani,

      5th grade means you are 10 or 11. Right?
      I’m pretty sure you cannot work professionally at this age in most countries. And anyway, you should not work so young.
      Enjoy your childhood and teenage years. These years go fast, and you will think about these times with nostalgia when you are an adult.

      Make friends, play sports, go outside, have fun, get good grades at school and don’t let video games be the most important thing in your life.
      That’s pretty much all you need to do in 5th grade.

  49. Marcos says:

    Hi. Awesome post.
    I heard once that to be a game tester you need programming knowledge. Though I can’t find anyone saying that on internet. Is it true?

    • Undercover Tester says:

      Hi Marcos,

      In my experience, it is not true.

      However, some companies use automated testing. And automation is done using programming.
      But most tester positions in the gaming industry are 100% manual testing.

  50. Kathleen Phelan says:

    this doesn’t help figure out to become a video game tester with no experience in the field.

  51. salmankhan says:

    I have a diploma in computer engineering. at present, I’am studying in computer science and engineering (3rd year).
    my very first dream is to become a game tester.Before I thought that game testing is very easy,we just have to play games and will get paid.But after joining in my diploma i came to know what the real thing is.but i really don’t know what should i do,how to start my career to become a game tester.should i go for masters or not.I have a lot of confusion.

    i need help from any game tester or people who know how to become a game tester to guide me to become a game tester.

    thank you.

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