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The four most useful tools of a Video Game Tester

A Game Tester is a bit like a craftsman: he works with tools. And although his product is not clearly palpable, it is very real, concrete and central to the project: Quality.

A professional video game tester is not a beta tester. He does not JUST play the game. Instead, he uses all his skills and tools to hunt down bugs.

Mastering the tools of the profession will make a tester a more valuable employee, and it will also make the job more challenging and enjoyable.

I give here a quick overview of a Game Tester’s best tools.

My first failure as a Video Game Tester

My first job as a Video Game Tester was in a small company making Video Game on Mobile phones – back when smartphones didn’t exist (wow, I feel like a dinosaur!).

We were a QA team of 4 in a company of about 30 employees. All working together in a small open space office, including the CEO. One day he comes around QA team desks and kicks the trash can:

-“Guys, how the hell are you testing? The phone carrier [Who validates our games] found yet another bug in one of the games we sent. This is costing us money EVERY time it happens!”


And then we wondered: How are we actually testing games?