Do NOT become a Video Game Tester

If you are young and still a student. If you love video games and don’t see yourself doing anything else for a career. If you think becoming a video game tester could be your way in this industry. Then my advice to you is:

Do NOT become a Video Game Tester.

Guide to getting a Video Game Tester job – PART I

This site is obviously about the job of Video Game tester, yet until now I never felt the need to write an article about how to become a Video Game Tester. The reason is you do not really “become” a Video Game Tester.

There is no recognized school or diploma for game testing.

There is no training or certification that you write down on your CV that would magically make gaming companies think you are a rock star when it comes to game testing.

So how do you get to be a Video Game Tester?

The answer is quite simple: you go job hunting for a position of Video Game Tester and get the job. And let me give you some advice on that.

The four most useful tools of a Video Game Tester

A Game Tester is a bit like a craftsman: he works with tools. And although his product is not clearly palpable, it is very real, concrete and central to the project: Quality.

A professional video game tester is not a beta tester. He does not JUST play the game. Instead, he uses all his skills and tools to hunt down bugs.

Mastering the tools of the profession will make a tester a more valuable employee, and it will also make the job more challenging and enjoyable.

I give here a quick overview of a Game Tester’s best tools.

My first failure as a Video Game Tester

My first job as a Video Game Tester was in a small company making Video Game on Mobile phones – back when smartphones didn’t exist (wow, I feel like a dinosaur!).

We were a QA team of 4 in a company of about 30 employees. All working together in a small open space office, including the CEO. One day he comes around QA team desks and kicks the trash can:

-“Guys, how the hell are you testing? The phone carrier [Who validates our games] found yet another bug in one of the games we sent. This is costing us money EVERY time it happens!”


And then we wondered: How are we actually testing games?

Skills required to be a game tester

Before you start looking for a Video Game Tester job, it’s important you know what employers will expect from you. In this article I present a list of the most commonly required skills and education for the job. If you think you don’t master all these skills yet, don’t panic and keep reading! 

Only an ideal candidate will master all these skills, and such candidate does not exist. The list is presented here to help you assess yourself and sell yourself on your resume and at a job interview.

A typical day as a game tester

So what is it like to be a game tester on a daily basis? Is it just another corporate job or is it the glamorous job some like to pretend?

First things first: No, you don’t work from home. Video game testing almost always is a regular job that requires to actually get out of your home… How cruel is that?

Read on to know about the typical day in the life of a professional game tester.

Game testing as a stepping stone in the gaming industry

Game testing has been known for being a way to put the foot in the door of the gaming industry and reach other positions. Is this myth accurate?

A word on AGILE


AGILE is a set of software development methods created a by a group of people tired of the lack of flexibility in their discipline. Depending how it’s done, AGILE can be very helpful, or it can be a pain in the neck.

Is game testing for me?

So, is really video game testing the dream job, or just another boring-to-death low paying job?

Well the truth is somewhere between…

Quitting a video game testing job for a software testing job

This website is about working as a video game tester. So why an article about leaving such job?

When you think about it, there can be many valid reasons for wanting to stop being a Video Game Tester.